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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: Morning : 9.30 A.M to 1.00 P.M Evening : 5.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M Sunday by Appointment


At Imperial Dental Clinic the local anaesthesia is given with a NO PAIN Computer Controlled Anesthetic Device. Local anaesthesia (LA) is generally administered to reduce pain during dental procedures. LA itself might cause pain and anxiety. Computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system is the method to reduce painful LA Injections. When the painful part of the dental procedureis overcome by this device,the rest of the treatment becomes stress free. This device slowly administers anaesthesia by acomputerised device to control injection speed. Hence you walk out with a smile after treatment.

The dental ‘X’ rays are made with digitalised Radiovisiography (RVG). The RVG used is HAMAMATSU Photonics, Japan made sensors that absorbs all the ‘x’ rays and gives sharp images of the teeth. The ‘X’ rays are delivered with DC constant potential generator ‘X’ ray machine that possess patented zero leak lead shield for enhanced protection of the operator and the patient.

The Newtron P5 ultrasonic scalers are used for cleaning the teeth. The advantage of this cleaning tip is that the tip is made of stainless steel that has hardness similar to that of tooth enamel. Hence it does notcause micro cracks in the enamel. The vibrations are controlled to the optimum by the automatic power regulation.

The clinic is equipped with SiroBlue soft tissue laser. The lasers provide definite advantages over the conventional procedures with improved bactericidal effect and less scar tissue formation. It is best used in the gingival aesthetic correction and also in endodontics for disinfection of the root canal. The main advantage includes less post operative pain.

Physiodispenser is the device that allows surgical drilling and embed the dental implant into the bone. Imperial dental has the physiodispenser from Nakanishi International (NSK- Japan) which allows for the precise and comfortable placement of implant.

Sometimes the teeth might not erupt and get embedded in the bone.Such tooth is called Impacted tooth. The impacted tooth are to be removed surgically. Conventional surgical procedures involves drilling of the bone which might not spare the soft tissues such as the blood vessels and nerves. The Piezosurgery White is a device that allows cutting only the bone and nothing else with a controlled ultrasonic vibrations.The piezosurgery has undergone 18 years of research with over 250 successful clinical trials.

Root canal treatment involves shaping of the canals of the root. At Imperial Dental, we prefer rotary endodontics over the manual shaping owing to the perfection of the treatment and ability to disinfect the canals. The clinic is equipped with Dentsply X smart and X mart plus endodmotors used with protaper and
protaper plus for definitive success of the root canal treatment. The outcome of the treatment is further enhanced with an apex locator to locate the exact position of the root tip.

A simple uneven mixing of the cement may lead to defective filling of the cavity in the tooth. We achieve homogenous restoration by using capsuled cements in Amalgamators from GC,Japan. We ensure perfection in the simplest treatments also.